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My name is Nick Nugent and no, I am not related to Ted. I earned my BFA in Digital Media from Otis College of Art and Design and an AA in Graphic Design from Brooks College of Art. My passion has always been movies, whether designing artwork for them, writing creative stories, or being on camera - I live for entertainment! I've even been a cast member at Disneyland at one point.

I am currently seeking employment in the entertainment industry or something related to my field of digital media/graphic design. I have always wanted to work in movies and am eagerly searching for a position at Warner Bros, Paramount, Universal, or any other well known movie/effects studio that utilizes my artistic skills.


What sets me apart from the average designer is that I understand design basics such as the power of an eye catching color palette, striking typography and stunning graphic design layouts and functionality. I have a critical eye for detail and a firm understanding of color theory and the psychology of seeing. I can adjust to various design styles depending on the needs of the project.

My interests are mostly in writing, drawing, Photoshop design, prop design, poster design, collecting movie prop replicas and autographs, Disney's Fantasmic! and Disneyland memorabilia, Knight Rider, Smallville, Star Wars, WWE, and other exciting and inspiring stuff.

I am a member of a well known Knight Rider based replica car club called "Knights of the West Coast". Our members and their replica K.I.T.T. cars have appeared on several television commercials and tv series as well at several charitable events and parades.

We use our passion to make a positive difference, one replica car at a time. You can always spot us by our signature gold and black t-shirts baring a knight chess piece and shield inspired by the semi seen in the television series and KOTWC logo. We've even been to El Mirage Dry Lake Bed where the opening titles of Knight Rider were filmed!

My fellow artists' nicknamed me "The Digital Quick" or TDQ because of my ability to conceptualize and produce eye catching digital art in a swift and efficient manner. If I do not understand a problem or skill set, my motto has always been, "Yes I can, show me how!". I have a can do attitude.

Integrity is important to me and getting the job done under tight deadlines is paramount. I find deadlines motivational and go the distance to meet them. My skills include producing artwork for banners, posters, postcards, t-shirts, badges, and other promotional materials and video title/animation graphics. I have a strong familiarity with promotional materials, branding, self marketing, poster art, and print-ready design.

In December 2008, I published a popular guide book to the 80's television show "Knight Rider", called The Knight Rider Companion. I have also created fan art for the television show The Goldbergs which hangs on the walls in the production offices of Sony Studios.


Thank you for exploring my website and if you have any questions or would like to get in touch with me, please use the CONTACT link provided in the navigational bar above to send me a message and I will be happy to get back to you!

The Digital Quick
Author/Designer of The Knight Rider Companion



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